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Best Time To Visit


The United Kingdom can be visited at any time of year, as its climate is relatively temperate and, in general, doesn’t experience extremes during either summer or winter. Overall, spring (late March to early June) and autumn (September to November) are the best times to visit, when it’s usually warm and dry.


Winter is dry and warm, becoming colder further north, while summer is ideal for beach relaxation or hiking in national parks, although it can be very hot and humid. Spring and autumn are the best times to travel, with pleasant temperatures throughout.

  • Spring. March – May. Spring is a lovely time to visit the USA’s west coast, especially California, where the temperatures start to warm up, flowers bloom and wildlife thrives. …
  • Summer. June – August. …
  • Autumn. September – November. …
  • Winter. December – February.

The Best Time to Visit East Coast USA. Spring. March – May. Spring brings warm, mild days and cool nights to the east coast, so it’s a lovely time to visit the Carolinas before the humidity sets in. Summer. June – August. Autumn. September – November. Winter. December – February.


  • Early May to the end of June. Mid-May to late June is a great time to visit Canada! …
  • July and August. July-August is peak tourist season right across Canada, from Halifax to Vancouver, especially from mid-July to mid-August. …
  •  Visiting Canada in September – October. The weather is comfortable in autumn, and the changing colours of the fall foliage is spectacular. Most outdoor activities can be enjoyed and temperatures, though cooler, are still pleasant.April is not the best time for travel in Canada. It is too warm for winter sports (no more snow) and too early in the season for summer activities, as many tourist attractions do not open until later in the year. Like April, November is not the best time for travel in Canada. It can be cold and rainy, and there are no more leaves in the trees.


Australia is enormous, with a wide range of climates. The northern states are typically warm year-round, while the southern states have cooler winters. December to February is summer; March to May is autumn; June to August is winter; and September to November is spring.

The best time to visit Australia is either Spring (September – November) or Autumn … it can reach about 90F in Cairns and Darwin during those same months.

With plenty of sunshine and much less rain than the summer months, April is one of our most recommended times to visit the south. In May, the south is still bright and sunny, but the temperatures begin to drop a little, triggering a notable change in the landscape as autumn hues appear.


  • New Zealand in Summer – December to February. Travelling in summer has the advantage of the best overall weather.
  • New Zealand in Autumn (Fall) – March to May. …
  • New Zealand in Winter – June to August. …
  • New Zealand in Spring – September to November.


July-September:While tourists visit throughout the year, the festive season is a great time to explore the many facets of Singapore, especially around July when the Great Singapore Sale and the Singapore Food Festival take place. Feb-April: The months between the summers and winters are quite pleasant. Plenty of outdoor activities become available then.November-January: The wettest months are between November and January, when showers can last for long periods of time, while the hottest months are May and June.


The driest time to visit is January and February which is also the busiest period for visitors, with the wettest months from September to November. The East Coast has a particularly diverse climate with two clear seasons. The best time to visit is from April to October, when the weather is at its driest.


Although the climate varies throughout Thailand, you can visit all year round. The best time to travel is during the cool and dry season between November and early April. In the south, the climate differs between the eastern and western coasts.


September to October. Like the April and May months, September and October is another excellent time to visit China. Places like Xinjiang, which are normally blazing hot in the summer and still a bit too cold in spring, are in perfect season.


Spring (March to May) The best time to visit Japan, with mild weather and trees blossoming (most famous being the cherry).

Summer (June to August)

Autumn (September to November) …

Winter (December to February)


The best time to visit South Korea is between April – May, and September – October, when the weather is perfect, and the tourist numbers are low.

The high season is between June and August, and this is when most of the local and international tourists visit the country, so expect higher prices, and sweltering heat.

July is a bad time to travel as the weather will be hot and there is heavy rainfall throughout the peninsula.

November to March is winter, which is rather cold. But, if you are a fan of skiing, you should definitely visit the country between December and February, when there is sufficient snowfall for sporting activities.


Istanbul and European Turkey experience hot summers and cold winters with snow being a common feature. Spring and autumn, from April to May and from September to mid Novemberrespectively, are the ideal times to visit Istanbul and the inland regions when temperatures are pleasant and the skies are clear.


The best time to travel in Spain is spring and fall because that is when goodweather occurs. The months of April, May, June, September, and October are very good for travel. Summer is quite hot, especially in inland cities like Seville, Cordoba, and Madrid.